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  • Mobile platform
  • Dual view scanning system (includes AUVIS image stitching software, automaticchange detection software)
  • Database (includes Watch List for wanted vehicles, Vehicle Verification vs.License Plate, etc.)
  • Embedded networking capability
  • Integrated devices (cameras, traffic light, etc.)
  • 19” daylight readable, LED back lit, touch screen


The GKH-1011 Automatic Under Vehicle Inspection System (AUVIS) is the mobile solution for the fully automatic identification of threats or modifications to a vehicle’s undercarriage. Vehicles drive over the dual view scanners while Gatekeeper’s systems compile two high-resolution, virtual 3-D digital images of a vehicle’s undercarriage to create the vehicle’s digital “fingerprint.” Two views make it easier to see any threatening objects that may be hidden on top of an axel or crossbeam. An overview/driver camera captures the normal view of car/driver and displays this on the high-resolution touch screen.

After the vehicle has cleared the scanning device, it only takes 2-3 seconds for Gatekeeper’s Automatic Foreign Object Detection software to automatically compare the subject vehicle’s undercarriage to a safe vehicle (stored in the database) and display both on the screen. The system then immediately identifies any foreign objects or modifications to the undercarriage by circling them with a red ring (see below) AND activating an audio and/or visual alarm.

Operator Screen / Undercarriage Views

The operator screen displays the overview / driver image in color (right). The undercarriage views are displayed in monochrome (right and on next page) allowing
for more pixel detail and thus better resolution than color images. Since Gatekeeper’s automatic systems rely on computers to analyze the images and not the human eye, monochrome is superior to color.

System Integration and Additional Capabilities
The system can be integrated with weigh-in-motion scales, GatePost biometric systems (fingerprint, etc.), facial recognition, license plate reader, RFID identifier, Smart Card reader, barriers (road blockers, cats claw, bollards or similar) and many other entry control point technologies.

Quick and easy to install, the GKH-1011 is the solution for:

  • checkpoints/installations where roads cannot be dug up
  • events that require a higher level of security
  • situations where mobility is required
  • checkpoints that occasionally need to be moved.



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