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Automatic Under Vehicle Inspection System

Detecting Danger Automatically

  • Compiles two simultaneous high-resolution under vehicle images, one forward and one backward view to ensure foreign objects and changes to the undercarriage are detected even on top of axles or in pockets under the vehicle.
  • Automatically searches for and identifies foreign objects and changes to the undercarriage.
  • Compiles a “fingerprint” image of the undercarriage of a vehicle.
  • Has a fully integrated and dynamic database of vehicle undercarriage “fingerprints.”

Gatekeeper’s patented technology rapidly scans a vehicle’s undercarriage and automatically:

  • Identifies the vehicle’s make and model,
  • Detects any foreign objects or modifications,
  • Highlights these changes, and
  • Alerts personnel of any threats - all in a matter of seconds.

Applications include: military checkpoints, airports, seaports, trains/railways, hotels, government buildings, royal palaces, nuclear power plants, chemical companies, border crossings, etc.


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